Utamu wa Watamu (Part 2)

Schmetterling – the german word for butterfly. It has a beautiful ring to it. Schmetterling!

We had an opportunity to visit the Kipepeo Butterfly House which is located in Gede/Gedi.

Kipepeo Sign

That guy refused to move so I could take my shot but oh well, you get some, you don’t get others.

Piece of art

Isn’t that installation just pretty? I fell in love with it.

Butterfly hut

Here for the art.

Butterfly cage

Now inside this cage, although not clear form the picture, is where the interesting thing happens. The pupa stage is one of the coolest stages of a butterfly’s life.  As soon as a caterpillar is done growing and they have reached their full length/weight, they form themselves into a pupa, also known as a chrysalis. From the outside of the pupa, it looks as if the caterpillar may just be resting, but the inside is where all of the action is.  Inside of the pupa, the caterpillar is rapidly changing. A metamorphosis is taking place here and once complete, the farmers open the cage and let the butterflies fly freely.

Butterfly food

Adult butterflies consume all sorts of different things including nectar, water and even liquids from some of the fruits we consume, like mangoes. They are known for their completely liquid diets, whether they are sampling nectar from all sorts of different flowers, or they are using their long ‘straw’ (proboscis) to drink up water out of shallow ponds, butterflies are usually always looking for things that are liquid to eat.

Brown butterfly

Did you know that no two butterflies have the same pattern? They’re unique like fingerprints. They may belong to the same family but each pattern is distinctive. I found that to be so cool.


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